You’re the next Steven Spielberg…or, at least, you want to be. But on your budget, you can’t get far without obtaining the best audio and video editing software deals to turn your thoughts into reality.

Professional Audio And Video Editing Software Deals

What if we told you we could get you any of the best audio and video editing software discounts at a dramatically discounted price? Keep reading to find out about any of the great deals we have for you.

Movavi Screen Recorder Full Version Review

To put it easily, Movavi Screen Recorder has everything that you might be looking for in a recording and capturing tool—plus a few you won’t find anywhere else. Its flaws are few and its advantages are tremendous.

Movavi performs extremely easy to use their full suite of editing, recording, and creation tools, creating it a wonderful choice for professional and casual users alike. If anything, it’s one of the simplest to use programs you’ll find.

When you begin the screen recorder, it provides you three options: Record Audio, Capture Screen, and Edit Video.

Capture Screen enables you to record your entire screen, a custom portion of your screen, or a specific application. Record Audio enables you to record sound for your computer microphone or a connected mic without video, which delivers it a great tool for voice work, like narrations. Plus, it makes it easy to manage sound for complicated projects.

And if you’re worried you’ll be lost, don’t be. New users will be able to make sense of the software with a plethora of tutorials and how-to instructions.

Movavi Video Editor Review

If you’re a more casual video editor looking to boost your arsenal of video and flex your editing muscles, Movavi Video Editor is an excellent choice to get you started.

The suite offers a pleasant balance of editing features and ease of use, with plenty of tutorials, 4K video support, 14 supported languages, and other great features. The interface is simple and highly responsive, along with a nice array of effects and titles to get you started.

Professional, highly experienced editors may be frustrated by the limits of the editing system, but for beginners, this is an excellent choice to get started and get comfortable editing video.

CyberLink PowerDirector 17 Download

If you want a product that has been the best in its class for many years, PowerDirector from Cyberlink is a safe bet, especially when combined with our best audio and video editing software coupons.

We could walk you through everything the program does, but that would be a moot point—PowerDirector does everything, and it does everything exceedingly well. But if you want a quick recap, here are just a few of the things PowerDirector has to offer:

  • Crystal free interface
  • Fast rendering
  • Multi-camera editing
  • 3D and 4K abilities
  • Piles of effects
  • Screen recording
  • Motion tracking
  • The most 360-degree abilities of any video editor

Basically, PowerDirector is the program bridging the gap between consumer ease-of-use and professional-grade video editing software.

Want a full review of PowerDirector? We’ve got a complete breakdown of the pros, cons, and overall verdict on our blog.

Download CyberLink AudioDirector

Looking for more of the best audio and video editing software promotions? We’d recommend another excellent tool from CyberLink—their AudioDirector Software.

PowerDirector already came with an audio editing tool, WaveEditor, offering some helpful audio effects. For the average user, this is suitable. Not for the audio junkie.

This is where AudioDirector steps up the game. It can be accessed the same way as WaveEditor, and it goes a whole lot further.

For example, it can handle 7.1 multichannel sound in LPCM format and can load audio from MP4, M2TS, 3GP video files, AVI’s, and MPEG-2. It has support for up to 99 (yes, 99) layers of audio and offers up to 32-bit 192kHz sampling.

In short, this is a multi-track audio tool at its most excellent.

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You’ve got the skill, vision, and drive to begin your plans for life. Now, you need the right tools to make your vision into a movie deserving of the next big Hollywood star—or, at least, deserving of the fan favourite vote at your local film celebration.

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