Children grow at incredible speeds, and it may appear that their clothing no longer fit them overnight. Clothing is not inexpensive, so budgeting for a new wardrobe is difficult. If you have many children, you are all too aware of the financial strain of purchasing all of the clothes they require before school begins and again throughout the summer. Sure, moving clothing from one child to another can save money, but there are lots of other methods to save money on children’s apparel.

Throughout the year, several retailers offer buy one get one free deals on jeans, shirts, and even shoes. While you may not believe your child requires that many, try purchasing the next size higher. This way, when you need larger clothing for them, you already have some at home and don’t have to hurry out and pay whatever the current rate is at the moment.

Keep an eye out for children’s apparel sales that occur throughout the year. The savings will astound you. In fact, the first thing I check for when I walk into a retail establishment is the discount and sale racks, which are usually located in the back of the store. I’ve bought swimsuits and swim trunks for my kids for a dollar or two instead of $10 or $20 a piece once school starts.

Winter jackets can range in price from $50 to $200, depending on where you buy them. I usually buy extras for my kids at the end of the season and never spend more than $20 on them. Summer apparel, such as sandals and shorts, is the same. They go on sale before school starts, and I stock up on larger sizes to last until next summer. To keep the apparel from becoming ruined, I keep it in well sealed storage cases.

Sweaters for both boys and girls are popular during the winter months, but excellent quality ones may be costly. Purchase them on sale and save them until next year. Avoid ones with seasonal colours or themes so that they may be utilised anytime the youngster requires one. Even spending $5 for a sweater that is normally $30 is a steal in my eyes.

When it comes time to transition from one season to the next, my children and I make it a day of fun and games. We look through the clothing bins and try stuff on to see what fits. We also clear up their closets of clothing that no longer fit. This way, we’ll know exactly what stuff each youngster still requires to be prepared for the season.

To acquire such fantastic prices on children’s apparel, you must be highly prepared and plan ahead. You may believe it is not worthwhile to pay for products that will not be utilised for a year, but consider the overall savings. I have three children to buy winter jackets for, so $20 apiece will roughly cover the cost of one when the next winter arrives. This is the greatest approach I’ve found to keep my children clothed well while yet staying within my budget.

Don’t forget to check the sale pages for children’s apparel in the main newspapers on Wednesdays and Sundays. You may be able to get some fantastic savings at these one-day sales, but be sure it is truly a sale and not simply a promotion of their regularly listed rates. To get the most out of your clothing purchases, avoid fashionable themes that may be out of style by the time your child is old enough to wear them next year. Stick to simple colours and styles.