A fantastic VPN doesn’t just overcome geographical restrictions to solve the worlds of enjoyment that you have actually been banished from, enabling you to view unique TELEVISION shows and movies. Still, it likewise secures your privacy by hiding your IP geographic location. However, not all VPNs can do that.

After carrying out rigorous performance checking and usage, numerous VPNs gauged, we determined that Ivacy is the best when it pertains to streaming.

Here is what makes Ivacy the best:

Excellent For Streaming Using Ivacy VPN

Ivacy functions with 1000+ servers spread across 100+ locations allowing you to stream from any continent of the world with strategically located locations. The high number of servers means that you can use it closer to you, and for this reason, you can delight in more fantastic speed and performance.

The easiest way to view Euro 2020 semi-finals from any location.

Easy to Use

Ivacy is extremely easy to use and great for novices who do not know the ins and outs of a VPN. You can have Ivacy running within no time. All you need to do is merely change between servers up until you discover the one that works best for your streaming.

Offers and Prices

The rates and uses that Ivacy is marketing, a minimum of now, appear to be an anomaly in the VPN market. The base rate of $9.95/ month presently provided is much less than the market average of $11. Moreover, huge discount packages of 87% and 75% make Ivacy incredibly competitive with the other VPNs. Analysis of the various VPN costs reveals that no other business is providing offers that exceed Ivacy’s.

Prevents Throttling

Ivacy constantly avoids throttling and ensures an interference-free connection through multiple procedures. Unlike other VPNs that fail to avoid throttling, Ivacy does not let speeds wane.

Overall Verdict:

If you enjoy streaming and happen to be a big-time fan of Netflix while not possessing deep enough pockets, Ivacy is just for you. It is the ultimate VPN for Netflix that guarantees thriving speeds without charging too much. There are tons of other VPNs to pick from, they either do not have in one location or the other. Of all the VPNs we tested so far, some might not stop throttling, some did not have client support, and some would stop working in the middle of the session for some reason.

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